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A holistic CET entire building control system gives you complete control of your building and places every system within your building under your control and your guidance.

What are entire building controls?

In the past, controls for various building functions - energy, safety, security, etc. - were separate entities. Today, entire building controls are automated and comprised of a central computer which controls, monitors, and optimizes a buildings' facilities, mechanical, and electrical equipment for maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency. Setup can include different zones and provide individual controls within maximums and minimums that best fit your situation. For an entire building controls system that is custom designed to fit your building specifications and transform your environment into a safe, comfortable, and efficient setting, contact CET today.

FX06 Field Controller – One component of the Johnson Controls, Facility Explorer, building control systems.

Convenient energy management

Efficiency at every level of your building’s operations is the key to cost savings. Energy efficiency is typically a top concern for building managers and building energy management solutions have reduce carbon dioxide emissions and generate savings.

CET utilizes the entire building control system to ensure your complete control over your building’s energy. We know how to establish different zones and provide individual controls to best fit your situation. Wireless technology allows you hands on control from any touch point, including mobile devices. Now you can ensure the building you manage is secured, operating at the peak energy levels, and ready to go for the next day’s operations. A CET entire building controls system reduces carbon dioxide emissions and generates substantial energy savings because it allows you to monitor and target energy consumption. We realize we're doing our job if you’re able to do yours and that means having an efficient, comfortable, and functional building.

Automatic alert functionality

Power and energy fluctuations must be addressed immediately. This is why our customers prefer our entire building controls automatic alert function which provides total control over all facility power used. Our automated alert function allows you to react quickly in order to maintain building efficiency as well as to save system maintenance time. Your controls come with an easy to use interface that alerts you about diagnostic information, maintenance scheduling, and early problem detection. Effective, informative, and easy to use, entire building controls result in happier building occupants and increased building value.

Integrate & automate with an entire
building control system:

  • Fire alarm system
  • Illumination system
  • Electric power control system
  • Security and observation system
  • Entire Building Control System
  • Building Control Customization
  • Air Conditioning Controls
  • Magnetic card and access system
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning systen

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Some estimates suggest energy management and maintenance programs can reduce energy use in individual buildings as much as 40%. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) publishes a rule of thumb that operation and maintenance (O&M) programs targeting energy efficiency can save 5%–20% on energy bills with little capital investment at all.

CET gives you the edge in building energy management. Both building and organizational sustainability depend on improved energy efficiency. Let CET help you reduce your environmental footprint, control rising energy costs, and increase your building's value and competitiveness.

Learn more about the benefits
of energy management.

There may be as many different approaches to building management as there are buildings. Some may view it as simple, programmable temperature control. Others expect comprehensive building management technology that controls hundreds of field devices. No matter where you are on that spectrum, Facility Explorer technology allows you to create a building management systems as simple or as sophisticated as you need. You get flexibility, without sacrificing ease of use and affordability.ommercial Comfort Systems are totally integrated commercial HVAC systems of heating & air conditioning equipment, controls and accessories by Johnson Controls.