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CET delivers top rate administration, coordination, design/specification, installation, operation, trouble-shooting, and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Commercial & Industrial
Boiler Installation

Let our engineers assess your needs and creatively recommend the best boiler system for your business. We have access to a wide range of bolier options when the job calls for reliable, durable heating equipment. Ideal in commercial and industrial applications, CET also installs steam and hot water systems boilers. Get a boiler installation quote today and let CET help reduce operating costs over the life of your system.

Our commercial-grade boilers also offer flexibility, as well as easy installation and servicing.

Customer Satisfaction

CET's select lines of boilers are designed to diminish fuel and maintenance costs over time; therefore, our commercial and industrial customers don't worry about early boiler deterioration or downtime. Our top of the line boilers combined with our 24 hour customer service and quick 2 hour response time makes CET the first choice in boiler replacement and installation.

Energy Efficiency

Look to CET for Boilers that offer energy efficiency and longevity. We also install and service a collection of dual fuel boilers and a combination of oil & gas fired boilers that integrate the benefits of both fuel sources.

Solutions & Applications:

  • Steam and hot water system implementation
  • High pressure steam applications
  • Low pressure steam
  • Made in USA
  • Longevity
  • Energy efficient
  • Dual fuel boilers
  • Oil and gas fired boilers

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Some estimates suggest energy management and maintenance programs can reduce energy use in individual buildings as much as 40%. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) publishes a rule of thumb that operation and maintenance (O&M) programs targeting energy efficiency can save 5%–20% on energy bills with little capital investment at all.

CET gives you the edge in building energy management. Both building and organizational sustainability depend on improved energy efficiency. Let CET help you reduce your environmental footprint, control rising energy costs, and increase your building's value and competitiveness.

Learn more about the benefits
of energy management.

There may be as many different approaches to building management as there are buildings. Some may view it as simple, programmable temperature control. Others expect comprehensive building management technology that controls hundreds of field devices. No matter where you are on that spectrum, Facility Explorer technology allows you to create a building management systems as simple or as sophisticated as you need. You get flexibility, without sacrificing ease of use and affordability.Commercial Comfort Systems are totally integrated commercial HVAC systems of heating & air conditioning equipment, controls and accessories by Johnson Controls.Weil-McLain provides oil-fired boilers which combine maximum efficiency and reliability.